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Document Library File Extension Handling creates isses with Sync



      The few issue with with Sync, Document Library and File Extensions.

      1) User adds file A.txt to portal.
      2) User change name to A.
      3) User starts sync and the file is downloaded. Since we use the title field to determine the file name we end up with file A with no extension which make opening the file problematic.

      This isn't the only use case where this will be an issue. We discussed appending the extension onto the file when the file is download. However that will still cause problems if the user has file A and A.txt on the portal. There they are different files on the portal but would be the same to sync.

      We'd like to move the portal to have the file name and title be the same thing. This way it keeps files unique and makes it easier to download files.

      So the change would be when a file is uploaded, the title is the file name with the extension. When the user changes the title, the user is encouraged to keep an extension (like how the file system currently does). Users can choose not to have an extension, we don't force that.

      We don't need to get rid of the extension column since it is used.

      The change we're proposing is really only in the UI, so that it recommends that the user keep the extension that corresponds to the file's mime type, similar to what the mac does when you try to rename a file.

      If we can do that, it will reduce the chance that the user will store a file without its extension and finally syncing to the file system without an extension.


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