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top_head.jsp references CDN Host when loading css.jsp



      If the cdn.host.http or cdn.host.https properties are defined in portal-ext.properties, the host is incorporated into the URL for loading css.jsp within top_head.jsp. Line 30 shows the following, which includes a call to getCDNHost():

      <link href="<%= HtmlUtil.escape(PortalUtil.getStaticResourceURL(request, themeDisplay.getCDNHost() + themeDisplay.getPathContext() + "/html/portal/css.jsp")) %>" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

      This is not correct. There is no sense in putting a JSP file on the CDN, as it won't be processed. The logic should be updated to remove the call to getCDNHost() and just reference the file from the Liferay server.

      I have seen older tickets reported that are related to this (see LPS-12383), but it looks like these issues are only being addressed on a case-by-case basis. Given that this looks like the fourth or fifth such issue, would it make sense to do a deeper scan on all logic related to CDN usage, so we are sure that JSPs and other dynamic files aren't expected to be on the CDN?


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