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Facetted Search Catagories and Tags Split Up



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create Categories: 'test one' and 'test2'
      2. Create Web Content article, name doesn't matter, give it all of the above categories
      3. Add the Search Portlet to any page
      4. Search for 'test'
      5. Search for 'test one'

      Expected result: step 4 should return nothing, because there is no category named 'test', but step 5 should find the web content article. In both step 4 and 5 the categories in the left column should be 'test one' and 'test2'.

      Actual result: step 4 returns the web content article. Step 5 returns nothing. The columns on the left are 'test', 'one', and 'test2'

      The same problem exists with tags as well, and can be tested using the steps above (except with tags instead of categories).

      Selecting categories made up of two words displayed beneath results, results in nothing found See LPS-24140.


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