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The user setup in the Setup Wizard is not created when 7 cogs is deployed and fails loading



      When setting up Liferay with the setup wizard and 7cogs, the wizard allows you to specify an admin user which is then not created and the system throws and error. The following happens:

      I filled in the fields for the admin and changed the database to MySQL (I had already created an empty database in MySQL)

      I clicked to complete installation.

      I had to wait several minutes, which it warned me (that bit is good).

      Suddenly, the system changed to a page which only had the following:


      I started looking through the tomcat command window for an error, but tomcat shut down. The database had been populated.

      I restarted using startup.bat

      This time when it loaded it took me to the installed liferay (which seems to be working).

      However, it is the 7cogs version and the user I had requested during the installation had not been created. I could only log in with Bruno.

      This is possibly a conflict with the 7cogs sample data that overrides what has been entered. Not sure if this also explains the exception.


      Add an option to either install the 7cogs or not. If you choose yes, then you cannot add an admin user at the wizard stage. If you choose no, then you can add an admin user and the 7cogs directories will be deleted on form submission.

      This needs to be a strict either or choice with nothing selected as default - the user MUST choose one to proceed. (For idiots like me!)

      See also forum post: http://www.liferay.com/community/forums/-/message_boards/message/11889985


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