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Attributes marked as 'must' in LDAP schema causes exceptions in Liferay when exporting new account to LDAP



      Created an new Organization in LDAP and a new object class that extends from inetOrgPerson.
      Added uniqueIdentifier attribute to new object class and marked it as a must have attribute.
      For some reason when I create a new account, Liferay attempts to add a new LDAP entry without the uniqueIdentifier attribute.
      It does so even though I have the User mappings in my LDAP config set so that UUID is mapped to uniqueIdentifier.
      This causes an exception and the new account cannot be created and cannot log in with new account.

      A workaround is to mark the attribute as 'may have' instead of 'must have'. Doing causes Liferay to successfully export the account to LDAP and does in fact copy the Liferay User's UUID value to the LDAP User's uniqueIdentifier attribute.


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