I am using Liferay 6.1 Beta 4 and CAS 3.4.10 with OpenLDAP for authentication

      In the private site, I added a Embedded Web that also uses CAS for authentication.

      When I log on to liferay and go to this page, everything works fine, but if I try to browse another page
      I get a page with the following error:

      The requested resource was not found.

      And in the log:

      23:33:56,335 INFO [PortalImpl: 4678] Current URL /portal/group/poc/products quotation Generates exception: 10158 User is not allowed to access the private pages of group 10180
      23:33:56,335 INFO [PortalImpl: 4695] User is not allowed to 10158 access the private pages of group 10180

      The user 10158 is the Guest user.

      I get in again making click on "sign in", no password required, and can navigate again, but if I go to the page with the embedded Web, and try to browse to another page, the error appears again.

      This same configuration works properly in Liferay 6.0.6 so I assume that this version is not working correctly with SSO.

      I'm testing with this beta and I can not use a different version so if someone find a fix, please tell me.




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