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Web Content: Link to a document with a space in the document name fails



      Web Content: Link to a document with a space in the document name fails because the system will generate a "+" to fill in the gap. For example, if the document name is "George Washington.doc", it becomes "George+Washington.doc". This throws off the URL because the URL being passed something like this: /documents/10180/0/websphere+outline.odt. The work around is if the user replaces the + with %20, then the URL /documents/10180/0/websphere%20outline.odt, then the document can be retrieved.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Go to the Control Panel> Documents and Media.
      2. Upload two documents: one document has only one name while the other has a space in the name. (E.g. "test.doc" and "test test.doc")
      3. Go to the Control Panel> Web Content> Structures.
      4. Create the structure with the rows below:

      • Head
      • Image
      • Documents.
      • Body.

      5. Save the structure as Structure 1.
      6. Go to the Control Panel> Web Content> Templates.
      7. Select Structure 1 as the structure.
      8. Click Launch Editor for Velocity.
      9. Enter the following:

      <a href="${Documents.data}">Document Library Link</a>
      <img src="$Image.getData()"/>

      10. Save the template as Template 1.
      11. Add a page.
      12. Add the Web Content Display portlet.
      13. Add a new Web Content article.

      • Choose Structure 1/ Template 1.
      • Enter a title.
      • Enter content in the Content field.
      • Select an image.
      • Select the document with only one name from the Documents and Media portlet.
      • Publish

      14. Verify that the Document Library Link is correct by clicking the link and downloading the document.
      15. Edit the article.

      • Select the document with a space in the name.
      • In the URL field, there is a now a plus sign in the document name. (E.g. /documents/10180/0/websphere+outline.odt.) The original file name did not have the plus symbol (See screenshots.)
      • Publish the article.

      16. Click the document library link. This causes the system to crash and generate a No DLFileEntry exception (see log). This is expected because of the + in the file name. The user could remove the + or replace the + with %20 before publishing and leave the space in the URL field but the user should not have to take this step.


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