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User Comments are not aware of workflow pending status so changes generate new submission


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      You can do this scenario with just one user - Test
      1. Make sure you deployed Kaleo
      2. Make sure you have single approver definition active
      2. Go to Control Panel and make sure Liferay site is in scope
      3. Click Workflow settings for Liferay site
      4. For Comments asset choose Single Approver (version 1) workflow definition and Save
      5. Go to Liferay site Home page
      6. Add Blogs portlet
      7. Add one blog entry
      8. click on link Coments
      9. Click on link Be First
      10. put som nice comment and click Submit for publishing
      11. Go to control panel, click My Workflow Tasks, in Assign To My Role list find your comment entry and from actions menu choose Assign To Me
      12. Make surre entry is moved to Assigned To Me list and it is in Pending status
      13. Go to Liferay site home page
      14. Find you comment and click Edit (you have to hover it to get controls)
      15. when finished editing click Save
      16. Go to Control Panel, My Workflow Tasks
      You will see one entry in Assigned to Me and one new entry in Assigned to My Roles. Both entries relates to same version of comment.

      Expected behaviour would be that unreviewed pending comment can still be edited and save action should not change workflow state.
      If user change approved comment, comment should be set in Panding state and new workflow submission should be generated.


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