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Web Form Portlet / request for enhancment


    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 6.0.12 EE
    • Fix Version/s: 6.0.12 EE
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      1. navigate to page with web form on it, that people have filled out before.
      2. in top right corner, click the X.
      3. a pop-up appears. issue1: (no warning your about to make your data inaccessible)
      4. click OK

      now there is no way to ever get your data back that was entered into this form. This was my main issue. What if i was just moving this form to another page? or would use it again a month later?

      I thought the data was just deleted with the form, I went to IRC channel and rotty3000 looked at the code and suggests that the data is not deleted but left inaccessible which he considers a serious bug. This part is a bit over my head just noting here for your use.

      1. when you make a web form, it asked you if you want to use generic version, create a new version--which i will have to name, or re-use an existing version (which would tie it to the same database tables / same front end - maybe replicate Sharing choice in Configuration but on creation instead of having to go through configuration creating a web content display with share script in it).

      Currently after you create a new version there is no way to associate it to an existing forms data or to a deleted web forms data – since that data is inaccessible.

      You can setup all forms via the Setup tab under configuration, but this lacks any kind of customization or restoring of data to a front-end deleted web form, if all forms could have their own setup perhaps then you could re-associate a form to a deleted forms data, though granted there would need to be checks to make sure the inputs map to the correct data, maybe making the user visually associate the table columns on setup (1st time).

      you can also make a copy of a form using the Archive/Restore Setup but this makes the data different between the two forms even though the forms look identical which could be misleading.




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