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Custom site page based on page template can be accidentally deleted when propagating changes from a site template



      This situation can only happen when a site was created from a site template and has propagation of changes enabled. Under this context follow these steps:
      1. Create a new page based on a page template
      2. Click Manage > Page and disable the propagation of changes from the page template.
      3. Make a change to the page like moving a portlet (this step might not be necessary)
      4. A message appears under the dockbar telling the user that a change has happened since the last propagation from the site template was done. Also there is a button that allows to "Reset" to the original. This message is wrong because that specific page was not "inherited" from the site template.
      5. Click the "Reset" button.

      Result: The custom page gets deleted when the reset to the site template occurs. It is worth noting that the reset does not delete other custom site pages that were not created from a site template

      Expected result: The message of step 4 should not have appeared and the reset button should not appear either. In any case, executing a reset should never cause the page to be deleted.


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