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Display on Page is not working for non-english locale Russian



      1. Setup Liferay portal with two pages:
      1.1 one with "source" asset publisher and "Language" portlet
      1.2 another page with asset publisher defined as "default for this page"
      2. Congigure first asset publisher: Asset Link Behavior: "View in Specific Portlet"
      3. Switch to non-english locale (in my case I've switched into Russian)
      4. Add new webcontent to display in asset publisher. Then created - set Display Page property of created web-content to display on second page.

      After creation web-content is displayed on first publisher. On click on this content it is expected what it will be displayed in second page. But browser displayed first page of group
      In case we edit content with english (en_US) language - it is working as expected (web-content is opened in target page).
      I'm expecting problem in searching for asset by title user in friendly url

      This problem is not reproduced in Liferay 6.1.10 EE


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