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Password Policy: Warning Time notification (password expration time, grace limit)



      We want passwords to expire, but we don't want users to be forced to set a new password in warning time:

      Step to reproduce:

      1. Log as admin
      2. Create a new Password Policy
      On the dock bar --> Go to --> Contol Panel --> Password Policies --> Add
      Fill the name: "test"
      Check in the Expiration Enable
      Set Maximum Age to 2 Weeks
      Set Warning time to 1 Week
      Set Grace Limit to 0
      3. Create a new User: test2
      Users and Organizations --> Add --> User
      Screen Name: test2
      Email Address: test2@liferay.com
      First Name: test2
      Middle Name: test2
      Last Name: test2
      New Password: test
      Enter again: test
      4. Assign the test2 user to the test password policy
      Password Policies
      Select the test action's button --> Assign Members --> Select the available tab --> check the "test2 test2 test2" user --> Update Assiciations
      5. Sign in with test2 user
      6. Stop Liferay server
      7. Set the computer date to this day +8 days
      8. Start Liferay and try to login with test2

      No warning message and test2 must to change his password!
      Expected behaviour:
      Warning message

      9. Stop liferay
      10. Set the computer date to this day +15 days
      11. Try to login with test2

      Normal behaviour: test2 must change his password.

      12. Edit the "test" Password Policy and set the grace to: 2

      13. Try to login with "test2" user with more than 2 times (check the database users_ table graceLoginCount column)
      Expected behaviour:
      Authentication failed. Password expired error message.


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