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Lifeary with Oracle XE DB cannot view any organizations, only users



      I'm finding that our Liferay 6.1 installation that's using an Oracle XE database is failing to show any organizations on the Users and Organizations screen of the Control Panel. This seems to be an issue related to the use of Oracle, as I don't see the problem when I use a 6.1 installation on my workstation with the HSQL in-memory DB. The organizations are definitely there – I can assign users to them, I can associate a site's membership to the orgs, etc. But I cannot view the organizations on the Users & Orgs screen to do things like change org properties, enable a site for the org, etc. I've found that if I want to set up those properties in any new orgs I create, I have to make sure to do it at the time I first create the org, and then make sure the info is right since I won't be able to go back to edit it later.

      This affects both stock organizations that come with Liferay 6.1 (7Cogs) and any new orgs I create, regardless of what admin user I log in as (bruno, test). I'm reporting this here as I've done a lot of Googling and searching in this site, and there's nothing similar to what I'm seeing.

      Tests I've done to confirm this behavior:

      <u>View the Users & Organizations screen with a stock Liferay installation</u>
      1) After installing a fresh copy of Liferay on my workstation (HSQL DB) and our test lab (Oracle XE), log in as test or bruno
      2) Go to the Control Panel, and select Users & Organizations

      Results: On both my workstation and the test lab, the Organizations section of the page shows "No organizations were found". I don't see 7Cogs with either ID.

      <u>Create a simple org</u>
      1) On my workstation (HSQL) and our test lab server (Oracle), log in as user "test"
      2) Go to the Users & Organizations screen, and create a new Organization named "Test Org"
      3) Save the new org, and then click the "Back" link to go back to the Users & Orgs page

      Results: On my workstation (HSQL), the newly created org shows up just fine in the list of top-level orgs. On the test lab instance (Oracle), the organization is not visible and can't be found using the Search function.

      <u>Create an org with a site</u>
      1) On my workstation 6.1 (using HSQL) and our test lab server (using Oracle), log in as user "test"
      2) Go to the Users & Organizations screen, and create a new Organization named "Test Org"
      3) Save the new org
      4) Go to the "Organization Site" screen right after saving the new organization
      5) Check the box to create a site for the org; leave both Public Pages and Private Page at the default of "None"
      6) Save the org changes, and then click the "Back" link to go back to the Users & Orgs page

      Results: On my workstation (HSQL), the new organization is visible, as is the organization site (in the drop-down list of sites on the Control Panel's left side menu). On the test lab (Oracle), the new organization is not visible, but the org's site <b>is</b> present in the drop-down.

      <u>Add a user to either new organization from the first two tests</u>
      Create a new user, and on the Organizations screen, click the link to select an org.

      For both test servers, the new organizations created earlier are visible and can be selected. The user can also then have the "Organization Owner" role or other org role added.

      Note that even after assigning org membership and Org Owner role, that user cannot see the organization on the Users and Orgs screen.

      <u>Clear DB caches and search indexes</u>
      Based on another ticket I found here, I tried the following:
      1) Log in to the test lab (Oracle XE) instance
      2) Go to the Server Admin page of the Control Panel and run the "Reset search indexes" and "Clear database caches" functions
      3) Go back to the Users & Organizations page

      Results: Both functions ran fine, but even after doing this, the newly created organizations are not visible.

      Has anyone else reported this, or run into this? If not, please investigate and let me know if there's a temporary fix process I can follow to remedy this until a permanent fix is implement for the next release.




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