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Repeated auto login attempt from old credentials stored in cookies



      1) Checked Auto Login in Portal settings --> authentication. Left all other options unchecked.
      2) Checked "enabled" box in the and left "required" unchecked.
      3) Entered the LDAP configuration information. Saved the page.

      Liferay began to throw LDAP errors in log repeatedly (initially for invalid credentials and later for locked user). On further analysis found that Liferay takes old user credentials from cookies (an incorrect password I tried before) and tries to validate. It keeps on trying authentication repeatedly. After 3 attempt my LDAP locks me out. I had to call helpdesk a dozen times each day to unlock my id (Now they know me on first name basis .

      Why does liferay even attempt to authenticates when I am already logged in? Why does it do repeatedly?




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