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UserGroup control panel only shows user groups that the currently logged in user is a member



      Manual Testing

      The aim would be that an Administrator would like to create a User who can assign some users to UserGroups.

      1. Create a User
      2. Create two UserGroups: UG1 and UG2
      3. Create a Regular Role
      4. Add some permissions to the new Role:
      — Control Panel:Portal/UserGroups/Access in Control Panel
      5. Assign the created User to Regular Role
      6. Assign the created User to UG1
      7. Log in by new User.
      8. Click on Control Panel/Portal/User Groups

      You can only see the UG1 in the UserGroup list. All User Group are not shown in the list.
      I tried to add more and more permissions to the Role but nothing changed.
      In the previous Liferay versions this worked correctly.

      The User, Organization and Site work similarly.


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