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When editing a non-global template, structure link goes to "New structure" page if structure is global


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      6.1.x, 6.0.x
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      Steps to reproduce:

      • Create a global structure
      • Create a template in the scope of a site, associate it to the structure. Save it.
      • Go to edit the template
      • Press the link under "Structure" heading

      Observed behavior:

      • The "New structure" page appears

      Expected behavior:

      • The user should go to edit the structure


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        1d 3h 49m 1 Daniel Sanz 29/Mar/12 12:54 PM
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        8m 29s 1 Daniel Sanz 29/Mar/12 1:03 PM
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        10h 56m 1 Julio Camarero 29/Mar/12 11:59 PM
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        9h 6m 1 Brian Chan 30/Mar/12 9:06 AM
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        19d 2h 40m 1 Michael Saechang 18/Apr/12 11:47 AM


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