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Generalize the ability to define display templates in Asset Publisher to allow its usage in other portlets



      Recently (LPS-13699) Asset Publisher was expanded to allow defining dynamic templates to control the display style of the list of assets being shown. Currently each site can have its own set of display styles that can be used from any of the asset publisher instances placed on the site pages.

      Often, though, the same template is useful for many sites and it would be very useful to be able to share them. In order to achieve this this ticket should allow creating and managing asset publisher display styles in the global scope. Those display styles should be available to all asset publisher instances in all sites.

      It is worth considering that current the asset publisher display styles are managed through the configuration of an asset publisher instance. Since the global scope does not have pages where such an instance can be places a different way must be provided. The proposed solution is to create a new portlet that is accessed through the Control Panel for this task. This portlet should also be accessible for each individual site, since it is also useful for them.

      Since in the future, other portlets will also use dynamic display styles this feature should be added in such a way that it supports display styles from any portlet. The proposed name for the portlet is "Display Styles".


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