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In Kaleo Forms, if a form for a task does not contain a field (or if this field is read-only) the field value gets lost



      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Add a new Dynamic Data Definition with 2 text fields
      2. Add a new Template called "Start" for the new Definition, in "Create" mode
      3. Add a new Template called "Step 2" for the Definition, in "Edit" mode. Delete the second text field from the form.
      4. In the Kaleo Forms portlet, add a new Process:

      select the new Definition as the Entry Definition
      select the "Start" template as the Initial Form
      as the Workflow for the new Process, create a Definition like the attached one (see process-workflow.xml)
      assign the "Step 2" form to the task
      5. In Summary tab, click the Submit New button and create a new process instance
      enter some values in the 2 fields
      6. In the "Assigned to me" section, click the Actions button of the task and click Complete Form (The corresponding permissions should be assigne to the user to see this task in the "Assigned to me" section.)
      change the value of the lonely field (the other one has been removed from the form)
      Now go to the Processes tab and click View in the Actions button of the process: you'll see that one of the text fields doesn't have any value, even if we entered both of them in step 5.


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