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Blogs small-image is not shown when the image is from the file system



      When small image in the Abstract section of Blogs portlet is browsed from file-system and the blog published the abstract description is shown but the image is not shown. If we give the small-image URL instead of uploading from the file system path then it is correctly shown.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Clean bundle
      2. Start the server and login with [email protected]
      3. Create a new page "Blogs"
      4. Add Blogs portlet to the page.
      5. Open configuration pop-up (the wrench icon)
      6. Go to "Display Settings" Tab.
      7. Select "Display Style" as "Abstract"
      8. Save the configuration and close the pop-up
      9. Click on Add blog entry.
      10. Add title: "First Blog", Description: "First Blog Description"
      11. Click on the tree view for the "Abstract" section below the description
      12. Enter the Abstract Description: "First Blog Abstract Description"
      13. Check the checkbox "Use small image"
      14. Browser an image *.png file from the system
      15. click on publish.
      16. The blog is successfully created and the Abstract description is shown but the uploaded image is not shown.
      17. Now try to edit the blog.
      18. All the field are as it is, just enter some small image URL, like "http://cdn.www.liferay.com/osb-theme/images/custom/heading.png"
      19. Click on submit and this image is shown with the Abstract Description


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