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Message Board gets flooded with emails when replying to MB thread post via email client



      When setting up the portal so that you can respond to Message board threads via email client, both the message board thread and my email inbox start to get flooded with emails from what appears to be my sent folder.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Add the following to portal-ext.properties

      2. Control Panel>Server Admin>Mail
      3. Enter the following in order for the fields:
      [Secure Flagged]
      (personal email address)
      [Secure Flagged]
      (Personal email address)

      4. Go to Portal Instances and click on available instance
      5. Edit mail domain to gmail.com
      6. Add the message boards porlet
      7. Add new category

      edit category (edit category.JPG)
      Under "Mailing List" check Active
      Select Pop Protocol
      Fill in (personal email address)
      Server name= pop.gmail.com
      Server Port= 995
      Check Secure Network Connection
      Username= admin username
      Password= password
      Read Interval= 1
      Outgoing email address= (personal email address)
      8. Add a new user w/ (personal email address- same as one configured in server admin)
      9. Assign new user to the guest community
      10. Log in as the new user
      11. Go to the message board
      12. Subscribe to category
      13. Log in as the SA user
      14. Go to the category and add a new thread
      15. Open a new webpage and go to gmail.com
      16. Log in as (personal email address)
      17. Open email of thread just posted.
      18. Replay to email of thread
      19. Return to Message Board
      20. Goto thread

      By following the steps above you will see the response via email client get posted to the MB, and then a flood of emails will display in your email inbox and the MB thread post.

      This is what the client is reporting as well, however they are using Lotus Notes. The messages appear to be sent mail from my personal email address.

      We tried another test and configured IMAP, the first time we configured it, a few messages came in, but the second time we configured it, no messages came in. Chris had a theory that there are messages from my Sent Mail that were marked as unread that could be causing this to happen?

      Please let us know if you need any further info


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