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Error 404 after page friendly url change



      Step to reproduce: (windows and tomcat)

      1.) Edit your hosts file ( in windows: c:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts), add this setting at the end of the file (for localhost test): localhost2

      2.) Start a clean Liferay
      3.) Log in as admin
      4.) On the dock bar: Manage --> Contol Panel
      a)Create a new community, call as "test_community"
      a.1. Communities --> Add:
      Name: "test_community"
      Description: "asdasd"
      Click to Save
      b)Create a new page for the "test_community"
      b.1. Select the "test_community"
      b.2. Pages tab --> New Page tab --> Name: test
      b.3. Click the "Add Page"
      c)Select the "Settings" tab from the first line row
      c.1. In the Virtual Host subtab fill the "Public Virtual Host" field with: "localhost2"
      c.2. Click the "Save button"
      5.) Log out from the portal
      6.) Type in your browser: "http://localhost2:8080/"
      7.) Sign in as admin
      8.) On the dockbar Manage --> Page
      9.) On the Page tab change the page's friendly URL
      10.) Click to "Save"

      Error on the screen.


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