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Being a member of an Organization with no Pages will reduce the number of drop-down items in Go To



      When a user is a member of an Organization with Layouts (aka Pages), it will show in the "Go To" Dropdown in alpha-numerical order.

      However, if a Site/Organization doesn't have a Page and a user is a member of it, then Liferay will still count it agains the "My Site" element total, but not display anything.

      This will mean that, if you are a member of 10 Sites/Organizations with pages, and a member of 10 Sites/Organizations without pages, the groups without pages will cancel out the drop downs and display nothing.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Create 10 Sites (Community Sites - so it has pages), name them: F,G,H,I...L
      2. Look at the Go To dropdown - not including the Control Panel, it'll show 10 groups because my.sites.max.elements=10 by default.
      Site "L" should be last on the list.
      3. Create an Organization called "M"
      4. Add Joe Bloggs to Org "M"

      You'll notice that, in the Go To dropdown, the L has disappeared.


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