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Ability for email notification configuration for both Liferay default roles and custom roles



      Current behavior only sends email notifications for Community/Site Administrator roles when a membership request is sent.

      However, notifications for this can't be configured yet to include custom roles. Clients might either want to disable notifications for Administrator roles or enable notifications for custom roles.

      Replicated: 6.0.12, Trunk (Rev. 111201)
      Can't Test: 6.0.x (Rev. 111201)

      1. Set up outgoing mail server in Control Panel > Server Administration > Mail
      2. Create 2 users, test2@liferay.com and test3@liferay.com, make sure the emails are valid addresses
      3. Create 2 communities/sites, ADMIN_TEST and CUSTOM_TEST
      4. Assign only test2@liferay.com to both communnities/sites
      5. Create 1 custom community/site role, CUSTOM_ROLE, enable all "Administration" define permissions
      6. Assign test2@liferay.com with CUSTOM_ROLE for the CUSTOM_TEST site
      7. Assign test2@liferay.com with the default Site Administrator role for the ADMIN_TEST site
      8. Put a My Communities or My Sites portlet on the Guest page
      9. Sign into test3@liferay.com
      10. Request membership for both communities/sites
      11. test2@liferay.com will only receive the email ADMIN_TEST request notification




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