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Different permission requirements for same actions in Manage Pages and Navigation



      1. log in as administrator
      2. Clean up permissions (Control Panel -> Server -> Server Administration -> Clean Up Permissions)
      3. Create a site S (I used Intranet Site template, but it should be the same for blank site)
      4. Create user U and make it a regular member of site S.
      5. Go to Control Panel -> Roles -> Site Member -> Define Permissions and add the following permissions:
        resource Set Resource Action
        Sites Page Add Page
        Sites Page Delete
        Sites Page Update
        Sites Site Add Page
      6. Log in as U and go to S. Dockbar now contains Add and Manage menu
      7. Pages can not be deleted nor moved (no X button, no Drag&Drop)
      8. With the same permissions, the user can perform these actions through Manage -> Site Pages

      This issue has been separated from LPS-24550 (see Issue 2) in order to have one ticket per issue.


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