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Editing the web-content portlet of Site should not carry over into the Site template



      Adding Site Templates on trunk and 6.1.x seem to be broken for revision 112611. Could not test.

      When creating a site based off of a 'site template', making changes to the site should stop the propagation of changes from the 'site template' to the site. However, after making changes to the site, those changes will appear in the site template. The intended functionality, as I understand it, should be that changes to the site template are reflected across the sites that use that template and not the other way around (changes to site pages lead to changes in the template)

      Steps to reproduce:

      1) Clean liferay install
      2) login through test@liferay.com
      3) Go to --> Control Panel --> Site Templates
      4) Create a Site-Template with name: "Webcontent Template"
      5) Now click on View-pages for "Webcontent Template", you would be navigated to the home page.
      6) Add one "Webcontent display" portlet to the home page of the template.
      7) Add a content to this portlet with description: "First content created by Template".
      8) Now go back to Control Panel -> Sites -> Add a 'web content template' site. Name this "web content site"
      9) Use the default configuration, make sure the check box for "enable propagation of changes from the site template' is checked and Copy as Public pages.
      10) After the site is created, on the dockbar select Go To -> web content site
      11) The homepage for web content site should display the web content portlet that was created on the 'web content template' page - "First content created by Template".

      12) Now if i go back to the web content template and add new content - "second content created by template"
      13) Go to the site and edit the "second content created by template" and add more lines to it.
      14) If i go to the site template, I will see that the changes on the site for some reason appear in the template as well.


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