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Organization assign user role will not allow users to assign org roles to users



      Organization assign user role will not allow users to assign org roles to users.

      To recreate:

      1. Control Panel -> Roles
      2. Create new Organization role: "orgRoleAdmin"
      3. Define the following permissions "Organization Administration" - (Assign Members, Assign User Roles, Manage Users, Update, View)
      4. Create another organization role "orgRoleTemp"
      5. Create a new organization
      6. Create a new user "orgAdmin", and assign the new org role to this user
      7. Assign orgAdmin to the new organization
      8. Create another user "orgUser"
      9. Assign orgUser to the new organization
      10. Sign in with orgAdmin and navigate to Control Panel -> Users and Organizations
      11. On new organization click Actions -> Assign Organization Role
      12. Click the "orgRoleTemp"
      13. Result -> You'll get a red bar error on the gui saying you don't have permissions

      Expected result: you should be able to assign a role to an org user if you have the "Assign User Roles" permission.

      Note: There is another way to assign org roles, and that is when you try and edit the user and select the org role in the edit user screen. Same result happens above.


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