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Set portletURL parameter "cur" to the default value in "step 1" in the select_site_role.jsp



      Step to reproduce the issue:

      • Let's have more than 20 Communities (Sites)
      • Let's have less than 20 Community (Site) Roles
      • Go to Control panel/Users and Organizations
      • Click to Edit a User
      • Select Roles
      • Click on "Select" at the bottom of the Community (Site) Roles list
      • Click on one of the row to see its Roles on the 1st page of the panel
        >>> You will see the Roles
      • Go back
      • Navigate to the 2nd page of the Communities (Sites) on the panel
        >>> You won't see the Roles

      When the search panel is opened, many parameters are set into the portletURL. One of them, called "125_cur=X" tells the number (e.g. X=2) of the result page to be displayed.
      Then, if you navigate to the 2nd (or other higher) page, this parameter will be changed correspondingly.
      The problem comes up when a Community is chosen to see its Roles: this parameter doesn't change to the SearchContainer.DEFAULT_CUR value (1), hence the portal tries to display the current page based on the last value of this parameter.

      The solution is about to reset the parameter to the default in this case. This approach is similar to the one used within the select_organization_role.jsp:
      (line 168) - portletURL.setParameter("cur", String.valueOf(SearchContainer.DEFAULT_CUR));


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