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Document Library document checkout never times out



      There is a loose coupling between locking and checkin/checkout mechanism of the Document and Media portlet that results in an effective infinite lock.

      To reproduce:

      1. In portal-ext.properties, set the following property:
      2. Upload a file to the Documents and Media portlet.
      3. Check out a file. A message will appear saying that you have a lock in the document appeared when viewing the file entry informing I have a lock for 10 seconds.
      4. Wait 15 seconds. The message will be gone but the document will still be checked out.

      This is dangerous since the owner of the lock is the only user who can unlock it. If the user checks out a file, and never cancels it or checks it in, that file will be locked forever and ever. A workaround exists where an Omniadmin can impersonate the user to cancel the checkout.

      This needs to be fixed by allowing an automated timeout for the lock/checkout. Upon the timeout, the checkout should probably be canceled since there is no really reason why a user should have a checkout for that long of a period.


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