Steps to reproduce:
      1. Create a global web content
      2. Create a site, add one page to it
      3. Add 3 web content display portlets to the page
      4. Configure them to show the global content
      5. Export site pages into a LAR (or export Web Content portlet data into a LAR)
      6. Create a new site
      7. Import site pages from the LAR (or import Web Content portlet data from the LAR) into the new site.

      Observed behavior:

      • The first portlet shows the global web content
      • The remaining portlets shows "The selected web content no longer exists.". In the DB, the portlet preferences object stores the right articleID but the site groupID instead of the global one.

      Expected behavior:

      • All portlets should show the same global web content


      • This can also be reproduced between different portal instances if you first export the global web content and import it in the global scope of target instance, then run step 7.
      • The observed behavior is confirmed in case of having WCD portlets configured wich different scopes. So, more precisely, for each set of portlets configured to the same scope and showing the same global content, the first one will get the correct global reference, while the rest not.


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