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IE 9 - Audio will continue to play after closing slideshow overlay in Media Gallery



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Start Liferay portal with Internet Explorer 9 (7 and 8 seem to work properly!)
      2. Navigate to Control Panel > Server Administration > External Services
      3. Install a Xuggler version that corresponds with your OS
      4. Save, and restart the application server
      5. Add Media Gallery portlet
      6. Click Wrench icon > Configuration
      7. Check Show Actions and Show Folder Menu > Save > Close Configuration frame
      8. Click Add Media > Basic Document > Browse
      9. Select an audio or video file > Publish
      10. Wait until a preview is generated for said file
      11. Click on said file > click Play
      12. While the preview is playing, close the frame

      The audio from the track will continue to play even through the overlay has been closed. If the user navigates to another video/audio file in this time and also previews it, the audio will stack. B)

      Tested with mp3, wmv, and mpeg.


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                  Version Package
                  6.0.X EE
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                  6.1.X EE
                  --Sprint 11/12
                  6.2.0 CE M2