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Sample Drools - does not display entries for a user that have tags that include a space



      Pre-conditions - sample-drools and drools-web are deployed

      In 6.1.10 EE GA1 -

      1. Create a user in the "European" region - in the case of testing - this was Berlin, Germany.
      2. Assign that user Site Administrator role for the Guest Community
      3. Create one page that has the Sample Drools portlet on it. Create a different page with the Blogs portlet.
      4. Create TWO blogs entries - one that is tagged "european" and another that is tagged "european symposium".
      5. Log out, and then back IN as the user you created with address in Berlin.
      6. Navigate to the page with the Sample Drools portlet on it.
      7. Result: only the content tagged with "european symposium" is displayed.

      Test cases were written with this in mind.

      In the 6.1.20 shelf - follow the above steps BUT instead of the previous result - the opposite happens - only content tagged with "european" displays - content tagged with "european symposium" does not display.




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