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Changing the name of a field in the document library metadata makes that data unsearchable



      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Start 6.1
      2. Navigate to Control Panel > Documents and Media
      3. Manage > Metadata sets
      4. Add new metadata set and name it "Support"
      5. Add "Text" field to the right column and Save.
      6. Mange > Document Type
      7. Add new doc type and name it "Support."
      8. At the bottom select Metadata set "Support" just created and Save
      9. Now navigate to Add > Support (doc type just created) and add a file.
      10. In "Text" input field type "Test" and Publish.
      11. In Doc & Media Search bar, type "test." Results for the document just added will display.
      12. Go to Manage > Metadata Sets and edit Support.
      13. Click configuration on the text field and change name, ie "text4379" to something new and Save.
      14. Search for "test" will display no results or matches.

      Changing name renders it unsearchable.


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