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Simplify VerifyPermission for algorithms 1-5



      Currently, PermissionLocalService.checkPermissions() will call PermissionLocalService.checkPermission() once for every resource. During each call to PermissionLocalService.checkPermission(), a lot of data will be re-retrieved from a thread local cache (with a low probability), MultiVMPool (with a moderate probability) or the database (in the case that the permissions finder/entity caches is not optimized for the amount of data handled in the upgrade, which will be true in many cases).

      • In order to retrieve the resource name, the ResourceCode will be accessed twice for every resource
      • In order to retrieve the default permissions, the local map in ResourceActionsUtil will be accessed for every resource for both guest and site permission defaults
      • In order to retrieve role ids, a list of roles with that name will be accessed three times for every resource

      In the last case, PermissionLocalService.addRolePermissions() iterates over all roles with the same name. However, a permissionId is only applicable to one companyId, not all companyIds; it is not necessary to add the permission to the roleIds from other companies. Therefore, the logic is incorrect in addition to being wasteful from a cache access perspective.

      The logic can be simplified so that rather than accessing the data once for every resource, we instead retrieve it once for every ResourceCode.


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