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DDL UI doesn't make clear that records do not get pushed from staging to live


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 6.1.1 CE GA2, 6.1.20 EE GA2
    • Component/s: Dynamic Data Lists
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    • Environment:
      Tomcat 7.0 + MySQL 5. 6.1.20 EE Git ID: a4e4deb86cd53686a028af844196c2abce0389e7.
      Tomcat 7.0 + MySQL 5. 6.2.x Git ID: 0c05a0a83c82561cdf9bb0ae1febe11e776be5ee.


      Currently the Dynamic Data List record data does not get published from the staging environment to live but there is no indication that that's the desired behavior.

      DDL lists, and the DDL Display portlet itself both get published successfully.

      1.) Enable staging on the default Liferay site (flag the check boxes for Dynamic Data List Display, Dynamic Data Lists, and Dynamic Data Mapping)
      2.) Return to the Liferay site pages
      3.) Navigate to staging
      4.) Add the Dynamic Data Lists Display portlet
      5.) Add a list, using any Data Definition
      6.) Add a record to the list
      7.) Click Ready for Publication
      8.) Click Publish to Live Now (from the drop down next to "Staging")
      9.) Expand the Applications menu
      10.) Flag the check boxes for Dynamic Data List Display, Dynamic Data Lists, and Dynamic Data Mapping
      11.) Click Publish
      12.) Navigate back to live

      The Dynamic Data Lists Display portlet will be visible, containing the selected list, but the list will not have any records.

      The UI should be changed so that it's more clear that when DDL is staged only the structures and templates are staged.


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                  6.1.2 CE GA3
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