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Adaptation needed for using Patching Tool


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 6.1.10 EE GA1
    • Fix Version/s: 6.1.10 EE GA1
    • Component/s: None
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    • Environment:
      6.1 GA1
      Oracle 11g
      Websphere 7.x
      Java 6


      We had to customized the patching tool to make it work into our environment. Not major thing, but it could be nice to make the tool a bit more flexible to avoid any customization from our part.

      Here's the problems that we faced with the patching tool downloaded from the Fix Pack Tutorial section : My step by step experience !!

      1- As recommended, I've install the patching tool under the ${liferay_home} directory;
      2- Then I went into the patching-tool repository to execute the ". patching-tool.sh auto-discovery" command;
      3- Had the following message : "Unable to access jarfile lib/patching-tool.jar"
      4- Found the message strange because I was under the patching tool directory...but not anymore. I've realized that I've been move out from the patching-tool repository to another one "/dev/pts";
      5- So I opend the .sh file to see why I was relocated. I saw an if condition that seems to determine a script path and then make a move to this path;
      6- I removed the "cd " command and run it again;
      7- Then I had an "java.lang.UnsuportedClassVersionError". I knew where it come from. Our server have both Websphere 6 and Websphere 8 installed on it. Giving the fact that 95% of our applications run on Websphere 6, the JAVA_HOME point to Java 5 JDK;
      8- Again, I've modified the .sh to specified the complete path for the java command. Launched the following command : ". patching-tool.sh auto-discovery ../../installedApp";
      9- Then, I had the message that "The partal-service.jar has not been detected in the given directory tree";
      10- Has recommended, we have installed those EE dependencies files into the lib/ext directory of Websphere;
      11- To counter this problem, I've decided to copy the two jar file into the same root directory where the ear file his deploy and then I run the same command;
      12- This time it worked, I finally had the default.properties file;
      13- I've then edited the file and saw the variable global.lib.path and also the war.path. I then change the value of the global.lib.path from ../installedApp to our websphere 8 lib/ext directory.
      14- After that I finally could make it work and updated successfully Liferay;

      Recommendations :
      1- Maybe clarify or add comments to the patching-tool.sh file regarding the meaning of the condition and cd command.
      2- Add the option to specified the JRE path to run the patching tool (and save the JDK path into the .properties file);
      3- Give the options to specified the location of the EE dependencies files.

      *Could be great if you can add the Websphere 8.x option in the Application server field




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