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I can't use WebDAV to access the Documents and Media portlet


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      1. Add a Media Gallery portlet to the page.
      2. Click on the configure button and select Configuration.
      3. Under the Setup tab, check Show Actions, Show Folder Menu, Show Navigation Links, and Show Search, then click Save, and close Configuration.
      4. Click Add Folder.
      5. Fill in the name.
      6. Leave the permissions as Viewable by Anyone, and save.
      7. Navigate to the Control Panel, make sure that the appropriate is selected in the context menu in the content section, and click on Documents and Media.
      8. Hover your mouse over the newly created folder and a small triangle button will appear. Click that button.
      9. Select Access from Desktop.
      10. Copy the WebDAV URL to your clipboard.
      11. Start → right click on My Computer → Map Network Drive.
      12. Select an unused drive, paste the WebDAV URL and click Finish.
      At this point I get a Windows cannot access error (see in the attachment).




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