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Upgrade from 6.0.10 to 6.1.10 fails to preserve Kaleo Web Content


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      6.1.x, 6.0.x
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      Steps to reproduce:

      In 6010,

      1. "ant all" the code from source.
      2. Start the server and log in.
      3. place the following file in the deploy folder: kaleo-web-
      4. Add Web content and save.
      5. Go to Workflow Configuration for the Liferay site and set every resource to Single Approver (Version 1) and save.
      6. Add a 2nd Web content, assign it to yourself, and approve it.
      7. Add a 3rd Web content and assign it to yourself, but don't approve it or reject it.
      8. Add a 4th Web content but do not assign it to anyone.
      9. Shutdown the server and upgrade to 6110.

      Observed behavior:

      1. After the upgrade, there is no more Web content.
      2. Subsequently adding the kaleo-web- file, does not help recover the missing Web content.

      Desired behavior:

      1. After the upgrade, the previous Web content which did not require a workflow should be available.
      2. After the upgrade, the previous Web content which was approved should be available.
      3. After the upgrade and the installation of the kaleo-web-6.1.10 war file, all previous Web content should be available.


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