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Not possible to copy any file to Media gallery via WebDAV access



      Reproduction steps:
      1. Add a Media Gallery portlet to your site.
      2. Click on Configuration, and check Show Actions and Show Folder Menu.
      3. Add folder ("NF"), and leave the Permissions: Anyone (Guest Role).
      4. Click on Access from Desktop.
      5. Copy the link, and go to your File Explorer.
      6. Click on your computer, and select "Map network drive..."
      7. Paste the link to Folder, and click on Finish.
      8. Give your Liferay username/password.
      9. After the connection is established, try to copy any picture to this WebDAV folder.
      10. It seems, the file has been copied, but its size will be 0 byte. In the log appears an error message (see in the attachment). This error doesn't appear on 6.2.x.
      11. Any other operation works properly. You can delete files from the WebDAV directory with your file explorer, copy from here to file system, create/delete/rename folders, but you can't rename files.
      On trunk you can rename, delete the file, but a NullPointerException appears in the log. See in the attachment (NPE_WebDav.txt)


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