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File Attachments Are Being Deleted When Dynamic Data Lists Records are Deleted




      A - Create a Message Board Thread w/ Image Attachment

      1) Open local copy of Liferay, Sign In
      2) Add the Message Board Portlet
      3) Add a Message Board Thread
      4) Attach an Image to the Message Board Thread
      5) Save the Message

      B - Create a Wiki Post w/ Image Attachment

      6) Add the Wiki Portlet
      7) Make a Wiki Page
      8) Attach an Image to the Wiki Page
      9) Save Your Page

      C - Check in Windows Explorer (Review the Directory)
      NOTE: (The contents of the messageboards folder will have been populated with folders for each threadId with a folder for the messageId and then for the individual attachments)

      Verify You Have the Following Directories:

      D - Add A Dynamic Data List
      10) Go to Control Panel
      11) Click on Dynamic Data List
      12) Click Add
      13) Fill in "Name", and "Description"
      14) Under "Data Definition", click "Select"
      15) Select Any of the Default Data Definitions, "To Do" for Example
      16) A "Data Definition" in now added to the Dynamic Data List
      17) Click "Save"
      18) You'll now be back at the home screen for Dynamic Data List, click on the Dynamic Data List you created.
      19) Click on "Add Record"
      20) Add an Attachment to the Record
      21) Populate "Comments" and "Description"
      22) Click "Publish"

      E- Delete Your Dynamic Data List Record
      23) You will be back at the Dynamic Data List Screen
      24) Click on "Actions"
      25) Select "Delete"
      26) When prompted "Are you sure you want to delete this?", click "OK"
      27) The Dynamic Data List Record is now deleted.

      F - Check in Windows Explorer (Review the Directory)

      Verify You Have the Following Directories:

      Expected Result: You should have the directories listed above
      Actual Result: The Entire "1" folder is deleted from directory "\liferay\bundles\liferay-portal\data\document_library" (All attachments gone)

      This issue exists in 6.1.x rev 120475
      This issue does not exist in Trunk rev 120475 because you can no longer add an attachment to the record.


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