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Advanced search problems in asset browser



      There are three different bugs here, but all is related to asset browser's advanced search screen:

      1. The Title and Description fields are not used in the query

      2. User Name input is case sensitive (the field uses a LikeKeywordAnalyzer so lucene stores it lowercase, but the input is not lower-cased before searching, see https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/LUCENE-89)

      3. The Description column shows up empty in the search-result table (the column is filled using assetEntry.getSummary(), not assetEntry.getDescription()

      Setup for reproducing:

      1. in control panel, Documents and Media, upload some Basic documents (pictures, for example)
      2. in control panel, Web Content, add a Basic Document, but not fill the inputs, just choose "Related Assetsd" from the right
      3. Click on Select, choose Documents and Media Document
      4. Asset Browser window come up, click on Advanced search and try to use it


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