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NoSuchUserException Prevents Accessing Images From Web Content on Imported Pages



      Create blank Liferay instance in Tomcat bundle. Import pages originally authored in Liferay 5.2.3; then migrated to 6.0.6, then migrated to 6.1.1 and exported to LAR file.

      Web content on imported pages reference src="/image/image_gallery?uuid=68d7cdea-3707-4b77-bd67-fcd620d10b43&groupId=10635&t=1327648249356"

      This request is handled by WebServerServlet which attempts to retrieve the image from Documents and Media library. If this fails, then it calls sendDocumentLibrary(...) resulting in NoSuchUserException "No User exists with the key

      {companyId=10112, screenName=image_gallery}


      Also unclear as to why it is necessary to set "web.server.servlet.directory.indexing.enabled=true" to even reach this point? The sendDocumentLibrary(...) method returns SC_FORBIDDEN immediatly otherwise!

      This whole area of correctly processing images referenced from web content prior to merging images into the Documents and Media library is very problematic. Permissions issues have caused a number of anomolies between guest and logged in members accessing images even in the Liferay site that was used for migration of the database prior to export/import into clean site.

      I'm unclear as to what should work in this case, and there are probably many factors at play. However, I can't see how the call to "_getGroupId(user.getCompanyId(), pathArray[0]);" would produce a meaningful result when "pathArray[0]" is "image_gallery"?

      Until we can get this resolved, we are unable to migrate our existing user base to a fresh installation of version 6.1.1




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