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Pages created w/Templates that include Documents and Media Portlet w/Global Scope creates local copy of Doc & Media



      Reproduced on 6.1.x and Trunk rev. 121106

      1. Start ga2 control panel and add folders, subfolders, and files to the Global Doc lib.
      2. Navigate to Page template, and create page template namded Doclib Page.
      3. Click Open Page Template, add the Document & Media portlet.
      4. Create Site template named "Test" and Save.
      5. Select newly created template and click Open Site Template.
      6. Add new page using "Doclib" page template.
      7. Manage > Page > Details, and uncheck "Automatically apply changes done to the page template Doclib Page."
      8. In the Documents and Media portlet configuration, change the scope to global.
      9. Navigate back to Configuration > Setup and select Root folder, "Folder," created in step 2. "Subfolder" should now show up in the portlet.
      10. Create a new site named "TestSite" using this "Test" template.
      11. Selct Private Membership Type, and uncheck "Enable propagation of changes from the site template." Click Save.
      12. Once the site is created, navigate to Documents and Media for "TestSite." It appears there is a copy of the global Documents, locally on this site.
      13. To test this, delete a file from Doc & Med from "TestSite." Switch to Global and the file is still present in the library.

      Also, even though you have local Doc lib, the portlet on the new site stills labels the doc library as Global.


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