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As a site administrator I should be able to define the roles and teams the users will have when becoming members of his site



      The main goal of this feature is to allow site administrator to specify which should be the
      permissions of members by default by setting the default Site Roles that should be assigned to
      users when they become members. For consistency, it should also be allowed to specify the
      default Teams to which a user is added when becoming a member.

      This functionality is very useful in those sites where it is desired that by default all users have
      certain privileges but there could be some of them which are taken away such roles. For
      example, by default a user could be a Site Member (always needed) plus an Advanced Site
      Member, but at a later time that user could be removed the Advanced Site Member role and stay
      as a regular member. It also allows to provide more permissions by defaults to the members of
      some sites and fewer permissions to the members of other sites.

      Steps to test this new feature:

      • Test Preparation

      Create a new site
      Create a new site role
      Create a new team in the new site
      Create a new user

      Go to "Site settings"
      Add the role as the default role for the site
      Add the team as the default team for the site

      Go to "Site membership"
      Click on "Add members" - "User"
      Choose the new user and click on "Save"

      • Verification

      1) Go to "Site membership"
      Click on "View teams"
      Click on "Assign members" in your team
      -> you should see your user as a member of the team

      2) Go to "Users and Organizations" (in the "Portal" section of the control panel)
      Click on the new user - roles section
      -> you should see that the user has the site role assigned




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