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Counting error in User statistics portlet


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      Affected versions: 6.1.20.GA2, 6.2.x git id: a4076e2b170d4b627bea9a95399cb0f955501c57
      Steps of reproduction:
      1. Create a Blank Site ("Site1"), and a user ("User1"). Assign User1 to Site1. Add a page ("stat") to Site1.
      2. Go to -> Control Panel -> Site1 -> Social Activity -> enable the social activities. (note the values for wiki!)
      3. Go to -> Site1, and add a User Statistics portlet and a Wiki portlet.
      4. Sign out, and sign in as User1.
      5. Edit the Wiki, add a Child Page. See the User1's stat: Contribution score: 0, Participation score: 7. User1 got 5 participation point for page creating, and 2*1 for reading the page. (It seems, that every time, when a user makes a comment or edit a wiki, after publish, he get 1 point for reading. I think, this is a distortion. If you read, should get points because you read, when you edit, you should get points only for edit, and not for read.)
      6. Make a comment. It is 2 contr. points and 2 partic. points. After you click on Publish, the User stat portlet doesn't refresh itself. Refresh the page. User1 got 4 participation point (2 for comment), and 0 contribution point. It seems, the 2 contr. points went into the partic. points.
      7. Attach sg. to this page. User1 get 3 partic. points and 0 contr. points instead of 1 partic. (for read) and 2 contr. points (for attaching).




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                Version Package
                6.1.20 EE GA2
                6.2.0 CE M3