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Facebook authentication does not work after upgrade from 6.0.6 CE to 6.1.1 CE



      After successful upgrade from 6.0.6 CE to 6.1.1 CE (without any error messages in the logs), Facebook authentication just stopped working (but it worked perfectly right before the upgrade on 6.0.6 CE).

      When user clicks the "Facebook" link within login portlet, the popup window opens, Facebook login appears, after successful Facebook login and authorization popup windows closes, and browser (re-)loads portal page, but the user sees the same login screen, i.e. the user is not logged in still.

      I attached the part of the access log starting with click on "Facebook" link and ending with loading of the same login screen. Other logs are not updated during this process, i.e. no exceptions or any warnings are logged.

      I've tried to play with authentication settings:

      • checking/unchecking "Require strangers to verify their email address?" on General tab
      • checking/unchecking "Verified Account Required" on Facebook tab
        Nothing helps.

      Please, help me to find the solution or workaround. This is not critical, of course, but it's a major loss of functionality, especially taking into account that a number of registered users of our portal used Facebook authentication to create their accounts and are using it log in.




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