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Media Gallery root folder and breadcrumbs



      The breadcrumbs show too much information when using the Media Gallery Portlet. The whole path from the root of the Document Library is shown in the breadcrumbs regardless of the "Root Folder" value in the portlet's settings.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create a deep enough document library hierarchy. For example: /My Library/contributed/events/pictures/gallery1
      2. Add a Media Gallery portlet to a page.
      3. Set the Portlet's root folder to: /My Library/contributed/events/pictures
      4. Browse to the Media Gallery page.

      Result: The breadcrumbs for that page include the whole path from the Document Library root after the Media Gallery page. In our example it shows:

      HOME > First Level > Picture Gallery > My Library > contributed > events > pictures

      The problem is users can navigate through the virtual file system above the supposed Root folder set for the Portlet.

      Expected Result: The Portlet's Root folder should be the one shown in the breadcrumbs as the top level after the Media Gallery page. In our example, it should be:

      HOME > First Level > Picture Gallery > pictures


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