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As a site admin I can define a permission for site roles to manage social activities portlet


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    • 6.1.30 EE GA3, 6.2.0 CE M2
    • 6.2.0 CE M3
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    • Tomcat 7 + MySQL 5. Portal 6.2.x GIT ID: da25a665b2e4033d6aa43351a6fb623067d9652f.
      Plugins 6.2.x GIT ID: 23cab1cb43cbd45a6b13fbe9034c78f5c1f66aec.


      Currently the social activities administration portlet doesn't have or check permissions to view/change the configuration for social activities. Configuring is restricted to Site Owners and Site Administrators. The 'Access in Control Panel' and 'View' permissions found when defining permissions for a site role (under Control panel: Site/Social Activity) allow access to the portlet the same way they do for other portlets, since this is a generic mechanism. However setting any other permissions here, such as the 'Configure' permission doesn't have any effect.

      There should be a permission that allows users that are neither Site Administrators nor Site Owners to configure social activities. Since this portlet is only available in the control panel, there is no configuration page or option. As the portlet already inherits the 'CONFIGURATION' permission, it can be used as the permission that allows 'configuration of social activities'.

      Steps to test this new feature:

      1) Log in with OmniAdmin
      2) Go to Control Panel -> Roles
      a) Add a Site Role named e.g. "SA"
      3) Go to Define permission for "SA"
      a) Add permission:

      • Control Panel: Site section -> Social Activity
        Check the following permissions:
      • Access in Control Panel
      • Configuration
      • Permissions
      • View

      4) Go to Control Panel -> Sites -> Add a new (blank) site e.g. "TestSite"
      5) Go to Control Panel -> User and Organizations -> Add user e.g. "test1"
      a) Assign "test1" user to "TestSite"
      b) Assign the defined "SA" Site role to "test1"

      6) Log in with "test1"
      a) Go to Control Panel
      b) Select "TestSite"
      7) Click on Social Activity

      Now you are able to configure the settings for Social Activities.


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