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Blog Filtering By Category Not Working Correctly


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      Steps to re-produce:

      1. Add the BLOG portlet on a new page
      2. Add a few BLOG posts (added 6 because configuration settings > Display settings is set to 5 for Maximum Items to Display)
      3. Add a tag "test" to one of the blog posts under categorizations
      5. Select the newly created "test" tag and the landing page will show all BLOGs within the selected category
      6. Click the "back" button on the browser
      7. And then click the "next" hyperlink to go the next page of BLOGs
      8. Expected result is the landing page show the second page of all BLOGs, however, 0 BLOG is found and the page directs us to the tag "test".

      *On Trunk, step 8 takes us to the tag "test", but instead of showing 0 results, it actually shows 1.

      Expected behavior is that the next button should take the user to the next page of blogs instead of taking us to a landing page with the sorted tag "test".




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