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Bookmark links from Activities portlet not accessible for user with all possible permissions for Bookmarks portlet



      Steps to reproduce:

      1) Create a private site called 'prvsite'
      2) Create some public pages
      3) Create some private pages eg.: home, bookmarks
      4) Add Activities portlet to home page on private site
      5) Add Bookmarks portlet on bookmarks page on private site
      6) Create a bookmark for http://www.liferay.com
      7) Create a Site Role as Bookmarks Manager Role
      8) Define permissions for Bookmarks Manager Role so it has all possible permissions for Bookmarks
      9) Create a user called bmmanager
      10) Assign user to prvsite
      11) Grant bmmanager the Bookmarks Manager Role as a Site Role for prvsite
      12) Logout as admin
      13) Login as bmmanager
      14) Navigate to prvsite's private page: home
      15) Assume that you can see admin's activity so he added a new bookmark
      16) Click on the bookmark link in Activities portlet

      Expected behaviour: Redirecting to the page where Bookmarks portlet is located and the related bookmark should be shown
      Current behaviour: "You do not have the roles required to access this page." message is displayed.


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