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Allow Social Activity Values to be selectively censored or attenuated


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      Here is the use case describing the improvement:

      In a university setting, there are teachers and students. In an ideal world, teachers would be "smarter" than students, therefore their social equity in various areas will likely be higher if they participate as designed on a Liferay site.

      However, teachers have limited time and may not wish to be recognized as an expert in a topic, as they would then be "targeted" by students and bombarded with tons of questions in their expertise area. So, even though the raw numbers make them out to be "experts", they may wish any "expertise display" to either not include them, or perhaps attenuate their numbers at display time (perhaps tunable by the teachers themselves).

      One 'workaround' is for teachers to simply not participate (or attempt to not categorize their content properly) if they do not wish to be counted - but that defeats the purpose of collaboration and would result in a lot of content with no particular known categorization.

      So this improvement requests some way for particiants to control how their social value is perceived by consumers in some way.




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